Student Leadership


Prefects are responsible for:

  • Working with students for the students
  • Being a dynamic role models
  • Ensuring that school rules are adhered to
  • Promoting the school’s ethos
  • Being cooperative, helpful, responsible and trustworthy
  • Being respectful towards teachers, students and school environment

Aims for 2015/2016

  • Building school spirit
  • Implementing completely student run assemblies
  • Instilling pride in students at LBIS
  • Increasing tangibility for both students and teachers
  • Starting a prefect run newsletter
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals
  • Create and solidify a sense of community
  • Starting a new house point system to increase student participation

2015/16 Prefects

  • Luke de Roubaix
  • Divya Gandi
  • Myisha Beebeejaun
  • Rebecca D’Souza
  • Cédric Quenette 
  • Samantha Victoire-Fernandes
  • Tanya Pacsoo
  • Panashe Murata
  • Ines Li
  • Abheesh Esso
  • Callum Johnston
  • Trish Craig
  • Jeffrey Hao
  • Jan Mohith



  • Ingrid Nalletamby
  • Mitch Kwo
  • Pooja Canabady
  • Cecillia Ltk
  • Jibran Mallam-Hasham
  • Shoan Mannick
  • Dakshini Poolovadoo
  • Shalina Sukurdeep
  • Graeme Krantz
  • Johanan Mooneegan
  • Shuaib Habib
  • Genrietta Kevaeva
  the student Representative Council (SRC)

Responsilities of the SRC

  • Assisting schools to implement departmental policies e.g., Good Discipline and Effective Learning.
  • Identifying problems which teachers may not be aware of e.g., gender domination and bullying in particular playground areas.
  • Reviewing and evaluating policy implementation e.g., student welfare, discipline and sport.
  • Raising awareness of school policies and priorities such as student welfare, anti-racism, anti-violence and appeals and complaints procedures.
  • Caring for, and working towards improving the physical and social environment of the school.
  • Organizing activities for students, including discos, concerts, camps, sporting and debating competitions.
  • Co-operating with teachers and others in running school events.
  • Supporting students with special needs.
  • Coordinating school assemblies.
  • Fund raising for specific purposes.
  • Attending weekly meetings.
  • Attending monthly meetings with management.

Aims of the SRC

  • To improve student life.
  • To help teachers & administrative staff to maintain a good learning/teaching environment.
  • To participate fully in the school development.
  • To carry out surveys and ensure that the outcomes are considered.
  • To help in the school advertisement and promotion.
  • To interact with parents whenever needed.
  • To be involved in yearly school calendar.
  • To help in school activities during & after school hours when they are required to.