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Welcome to our library, the hub of teaching and learning at LBIS. The LBIS Library is an active and welcoming space with a range of information resources. The library transforms and empowers the school’s community through dissemination of information sources to its patrons while seeking to build life-long learners, enhance collaborative, literacy and media skills. The library places focus on student learning by providing access books, IT facilities, learning and support services, online databases and a variety of learning platforms.  The Librarians strive to create an environment which is educationally conducive and culturally rich so as to foster the development of lifelong learners and a passion for reading.

Our Library emphasizes the following values:-

  • Knowledge through research and skill.
  • Contribution to creativity in a bid to enhance lives.
  • Integrity, respect for different cultures and transparency.
  • International mindedness as the basis to be ethical and international communities.
  • Pursuit for excellence in all that we partake.

The Library is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays. The Library is open at the following times:-

  • Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu -  0800 – 1615
  • Fri                               -  0800 - 1300

The Library team provides education to build information literacy skills whilst offering a variety of literacy initiatives and encouraging independent reading. The Library is well stocked with both print and non-print information resources. The Library has wireless internet connectivity (wifi) for users and their devices to access information online. All members of the LBIS community are invited to use the Library in their quest for knowledge, exploration and making the most of the resources available therein.

The library owns a collection of about 10700 books and 350 DVDs. We subscribe to the QUESTIA School online database that contains thousands of articles in several media such as books, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. to support the school’s curricular activities. The Library makes available local and foreign newspapers to update users on local and international issues. It also subscribes to periodicals to help users identify current trends, get entertained or conduct further research on their areas of interest.

A set of fiction books in display.

Borrowing Guidelines

Students in Forms 1-3 are allowed to borrow a maximum of 4 library materials while Form 4-7 students are allowed a maximum of 6 materials. For both forms, the loaned materials should be taken for duration of two (2) weeks and returned on or before the due date stamped on the material(s). Members of faculty are allowed to borrow a maximum of 10 library materials. DVDs are to be loaned on Friday’s only. Apart from the most current periodical issue which is to remain in the library, previous issues can be checked out. Users still holding overdue library materials are required to return them before they are allowed to check out any other materials. They are also required to return any overdue before leaving school. Any user who may have lost any library material(s) will be required to pay for the materials before being allowed to check out any other material or being cleared from the Library.

DVD’s, IB revision guides and short loan materials


The LBIS Library offers a conducive learning environment for its users and allows for various study platforms with regard to the different teaching and learning scenarios. The several provisions cater for users needing individual study (carrels), collaborative study (group discussions), reading classes, research groups, etc. The learning spaces include the main study section, Reading section, IT section, Lecture Theatre (LT). 

Well-furnished Lecture Theatre facility

Students collaborating at the IT Section

Students at carrels engaging in serious study         

Students at open table engaging in study.

Open table study                                                     

Students engaging their brains in the Library with a chess game.                

Students preferring to read fiction material in between shelves during their lunch break

Students selecting books from the library book shelves


Circulation section: Student checking out a book



Periodical subscriptions

Teaching & Learning of Information Literacy Skills

The Library promotes the teaching of Information Literacy (IL) skills to students in the whole school. This is best done collaboratively with other faculty during subject sessions. Students need to embrace integrity and therefore learning on academic honesty is paramount towards their success in education. The Librarian also offers Professional Development (PD) sessions to faculty on IL skills. This collaborative is to uniformly enhance the skill practice throughout all subject areas.

Online Database

The library subscribes to QUESTIA online database which is designed for secondary schools and makes available huge collections of information resources at the users’ disposal. It gives access to over thousands of books, periodicals and newspapers with over 5 million articles. With users being given login details (usernames and passwords), this platform can be accessed in and out of campus.

Other online platforms that users may use for their research include:




Below are some websites that may be useful;


We invite your recommendations and reading suggestions. Use our online form to suggest a Library Book



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