Questia School is an online database designed for secondary schools. It gives access to over thousands of books, periodicals and newspapers with over 5 million articles.

Questia School covers major disciplines as Arts, Economics & Business, Education, History, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and Science & Technology. It presents a treasure trove of information resources for our International Baccalaureate students.

It provides easy to use tools such as:

  • Highlighting: Highlight and save text in six different colors as you read
  • Notes: Add notes for yourself directly to book pages or articles
  • Bookmarks: Easily return to any page in any book in this digital library
  • Bibliographies: Automatically generate bibliographies in MLA, APA or Chicago format
  • Citations: Cite passages, pages or entire articles instantly
  • Project Folders: Everything is saved in custom projects that you create, name and organize

To access Questia School library, students need to log on