Bus Company: Jet Island Tours Ltd.

Number of Buses: 10

  •     Curepipe - Floreal - Vacoas - Q.Bornes.
  •     Q.Bornes. - Rose Hill - B.Bassin - P. Louis
  •     Q.Bornes. - Rose Hill - Coromandel - P. Louis - Baie du Tombeau
  •     Rose Hill - B.Bassin - Roche Brunes - Flic en Flac
  •     Q. Bornes - Tamarin - Black River
  •     Vijesh Randha - 254-3510
  •     Ganesh Gopaul - 750-4646
  •     Tibye Edun - 7515822

For more information, please contact the above.

The bus service operates independently of the school, and the school is not liable for any changes in contracts, fees or standards and regulations provided by the bus company. The school merely helps to facilitate transportation and travel. Parents make their own travel arrangements directly with the company, not the school. The school does provide a desk to help the bus company and the parents communicate.